Planet Bioplastics is an innovative start-up, spin-off of the University of Pisa that includes Professors of same university. Other owners of the company have large experience in production and marketing of polymers.


The managerial team, on the academic side, is composed by professors with strong scientific background on the properties and transformation of biopolymers (expecially Polylactic acid and Polyhydroxyalkanoates) and with huge experience in National and European projects, carried out both as coordinators and RTO partners.

The business side is composed of an expert marketing sales manager and three entrepreneurs, who own a company that carries out recycling and compounding of traditional plastic materials. They have 55 years of specialization in the regeneration and trade of plastic materials, with the mission of reducing non-recoverable plastic waste to the minimum terms and promoting the culture of using regenerated material, significantly reducing the use of virgin raw materials.

This solid academic know-how, combined with the great experience of the managerial team in industrial production and marketing of polymers, provide quick and able answers to the continuous evolution of the technical-legislative needs of circular and sustainable economy, with the aim to bridging the current gap in terms of performance and price between traditional plastic and sustainable solutions.



The mission of the company is the development of environmentally friendly plastics for packaging and technical applications. The main interest is the optimization of tailor-made compounds from renewable sources and/or ready to be recycled.


PLANET compounds are based on biopolyesters with high content of biobased carbon (over 50%) with biobased and biodegradable additives; the products are based on compostable materials and in some formulations even soil and marine degradable.


Applications are special films production, thermoforming and injection moulding.


The company has access to equipment for processing and characterization of the University of Pisa and of the company Caldara, producer of recycled plastic compounds, whose owners are also co-owners of PLANET.



Planet is a full BIC (Biobased Industries Consortium) member and partner of three European Horizon 2020 projects (BIOnTop, ECOFUNCO and PRESERVE).


Planet plans to be involved in regional, national and European projects with high R&D participation but oriented to obtaining innovative products to propose on the market of bioplastics.